Stones River National Battlefield, things to do in Murfreesboro, Civil War in Murfreesboro
Jul 06, 2020 to Aug 14, 2020
Ranger's Choice: Find Your Park or Stones River Stories

The ranger will choose one of the following programs to share with visitors. Reservation requitred.

Ranger Talk - Stones River Stories

The Battle of Stones River changed the lives of thousands of people. A ranger will share the story of a soldier, civilian, or a military unit to highlight the vast array of experiences one battle can create. (30 minutes)

Ranger Talk - Find Your Park

Visitors will spend time with a ranger discovering the the unique cultural or natural resources that make Stones River National Battlefield a place where lasting memories can be made. (30 minutes)


Weekdays from 1:00PM - 1:30PM Daily
Admission: FREE
Venue: Stones River National Battlefield
1563 N. Thompson Lane
Murfreesboro, TN 37129