Dec 08, 2018
The Last Battle of Murfreesboro

Join park rangers and volunteers at Tour Stop #2 and learn more about the December 7, 1864 Battle of the Cedars and its impact on the final major Civil War campaign in middle Tennessee.

Program Schedule

11 AM - Walking the Battle of the Cedars - A park ranger will lead a short walk along the Wilkinson Pike and describe the battle that raged there 154 years ago.

1 PM - Artillery Opens the Fight - Watch a Union cannon fire while a ranger tells the story of the artillery duel that began the Battle of the Cedars.

2 PM - Reminiscing in Blue and Gray - Listen to two soldiers as they share their experiences during the Battle of the Cedars. The program will include a musket firing demonstration.

3 PM - The Last Shots at Murfreesboro - A Confederate artillery demonstration will mark the final shots fired during the Battle of the Cedars.

11 AM - 3:30 PM
Admission: FREE
Venue: Stones River National Battlefield
1563 N. Thompson Lane
Murfreesboro, TN 37129